Become a Peer Visitor

Hello all,

The Amputee Coalition of Canada will be holding a day of training to become a Certified Amputee Peer Visitor. The upcoming (free) session has been set for Saturday June 3rd, 2017 at G.F.Strong Rehab Centre in Vancouver, BC.

We are looking for individuals who would be interested in becoming a Certified Peer Visitor through our program.  Please read on to learn more about the Amputee Peer Visitor Program and how you can register for the upcoming session!

A Certified Peer Visitor is someone who has experienced a life changing event (limb loss or congenital limb deficiency), is at least one year post amputation, has returned to a full and productive life and has completed the Certified Peer Visitor Training Program. The Peer Visitor volunteers to:

  • Serve as a role model

  • Offer emotional support

  • Provide information about the resources available locally and nationally

Through the Peer Visitor Program, a Peer Visitor can be requested to visit new amputees to provide support and education for them, and their families & caregivers. Usually 1-2 visits are provided. While professional health care providers can provide much of the needed care and education for our patients, we recognize how beneficial it can be for new amputees and their families to be supported by those who have travelled the journey before them. Such support, we believe, can best be offered by providing training to prospective volunteers that will assist them in serving in such a capacity, while at the same time taking steps to look after their own self-care in the process.

The training program will follow the Peer Training Manual as copyrighted by the Amputee Coalition of America and licensed for use by the Amputee Coalition of Canada. As a participant in the training day, you will be expected to do some reading, writing, role playing, and complete a mini-quiz regarding the information presented. The training instructors will then be evaluating your participation before you are able to become a certified Peer Visitor. Training materials, as well as lunch/refreshments/parking will be provided and the session is FREE. (Please see below for the agenda for the day.)

If you are interested in registering for the upcoming training session or have any questions, please contact Sheena King, Physiotherapist at 778-870-0326 or . A minimum of 6 participants will be required to run the session.  


Sheena King Gary Richardson

Physiotherapist Volunteer Trainer

Outpatient Amputee Program, GFS

Amputee Peer Training – 1 Day Course Agenda

8:15-8:45 Registration/pre-test


  • Introduction and Objective
  • Expectations
  • What is a Peer Visitor
  • Roles and Responsibilities of a Peer Visitor
  • Characteristics of a Peer Visitor
  • The Peer Visit
  • Referrals
  • Types of Visits

10:30-10:45 BREAK

10:45 – 12:00

  • Scheduling the Visit
  • Communication
  • Cultural Norms
  • Communication across cultures
  • Grief and Depression

12:00 – 12:45  LUNCH

1:00 – 2:30

  • Recovery Process
  • Support Groups and Recovery
  • Spirituality and Recovery

2:30-2:45  BREAK


  • Limitations
  • Difficult Peer Visit Situations and Issues
  • Post – Test
  • Closing Activity

                                                    SESSION EVALUATION TO FOLLOW